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Mount Kailash Rejuvenation Centre

Mount Kailash Rejuvenation Centre was birthed out of a desire to revolutionise the Healthcare System. The attraction to the concept was initiated through the simple yearning to see Mankind relieved from its suffering and experience the fullness of the healing properties of the natural remedies that occur in and are derived from nature.

The modalities of care we provide is founded on an in-depth overstanding that we are natural beings. When our physical bodies become unbalanced as reflected through a state of dis-ease, our remedy is in nature. This physical imbalance results from a disruption in our natural life enhancing modes of thinking or meditating, which is in harmony with nature or the Universe. Therefore, to heal effectively from this dis-eased state, we must place ourselves in an environment that caters to the physical manifestation of the dis-ease through natural herbal pathways of treatment; an environment that acknowledges the Environmental and Spiritual imbalance that has made significant contributions to the manifested state of being unwell.

Mount Kailash Rejuvenation Centre seeks to redefine the concept of “Hospital” by providing a service that heals the individual as a whole. This is done by intricately intertwining their rehabilitation process with natural healing properties, which include simply being in an environment that accommodates healing; an environment that motivates one to want to live and to want to recuperate through its rich abundance of the beauty that life has to offer.

Mount Kailash Rejuvenation Centre awakens the consciousness of the simple perfection of beauty that exists within every entity when in its natural state. Through this experience, it brings to remembrance the ancient ways that kept us well in times long past. It affords us the opportunity to be able to see, love, full joy and value our natural selves.

Mount Kailash Rejuvenation Centre is here to rejuvenate you.

Rt Honorable Priest Kailash K. Leonce

The Hon Priest Kailash Leonce had an inclination to the sciences and always knew for as long as he could that he wanted to be a Rastafari and a doctor. In the 2001 he packed all his perceived necessities (which included a bag loaded with all manner of medicinal roots, barks and leaves) and headed for Cuba to begin his studies in medicine after spending a few years teaching and working in the shipping industry. In Cuba he became equipped with the ability to communicate effectively in Spanish, gained a very scientific overstanding of the basic sciences in medicine and his tutors learnt to respect and honor him as a student who although very diligent in his studies did not compromise the principles by which he lived through their decision to allow him and his wife (an international student like himself whom he met in Cuba) to do their evaluations on Wednesdays instead of Saturdays (their Sabbath) like everyone else. The fluency gained in Spanish explained the shock and relief on a Latina’s face when after struggling to express her symptoms in English, he told her ‘Digame en Espanol’. He later studied at Spartan Medical School and in 2005 graduated from the American University of Antigua College of Medicine.

The expectation of his first son in 2004 intensified his desire to have safe and effective products at his disposal and therefore propelled him to create the first product in the Rivers of Oil line, the organic coconut oil, while still in medical school. This was proceeded by lemongrass oils, rosemary oils, neem oils and the list goes on. Shortly along the path Honourable Priest Kailash created the first in the line of Rivers of Waters, the Blood Detox which was followed by the Free-up Laxative, the Important Male Tonic , the Womb Cleanser and so on.

The simple sharing of these products and their gratifying results attracted such a wide demand that a determined energy had to be put into their manufacturing, bottling and distributing. This Hon Priest Kailash decided to do when in the latter part of 2005 he left medical school and established the Great Physician International.

From 2005 to present Hon Priest Kailash’s works have taken him throughout the Caribbean region where he has provided healthcare to all members of society including attending to a Prime Minister. He has also done many projects with numerous education and health institutions in the United Kingdom especially Hackney Community College for three (3) consecutive years which led to a presidential invite to Sierra Leone requesting for his work there. The Great Physician International has also taken root in Ghana which is the first African country with an officially registered branch.

“…the extra ordinariness of a man’s life does not make him extraordinary, but contrariwise if a man is extraordinary he will make extraordinariness out of a life”. This is the ideal description of the works and accomplishment of Rt Honourable Priest Kailash. Being a Rastafari and embarking upon a career in medicine has often been at a clash in philosophy and principles. From an early point the Rt Honorable Priest had seen the necessity of both being used for the upliftment of the health and wellness of our people physically and spiritually. His life path from a young child to a grown man has ensured his steady gaining of knowledge in all realms to teach mankind how to holistically heal himself through his thoughts, actions and foods. It has been no easy feat as to achieve this the Rt Honorable Priest has often had to stand up against a system that was not designed to accommodate a devout Rastafari as himself. Still battles were one he never shied away from as they have helped him to become more in tune with his purpose and more committed towards achieving his goal. Therefore when it comes to revolutionising the healthcare system, he is fully loaded with all necessary ammunitions. These foundation principles has led him to establish The Mount Kailash Rejuvenation Centre which provides clients with the opportunity to live the daily manifestation of a lifestyle that fully focuses on the use of nature or our natural environment to achieve the healing we need physically, emotionally, spiritually and ethereally.

He has unwaveringly and regally stayed true to his core self through the writing of three health books, manufacturing an ever growing line of products and providing what can be described as a gateway health haven and also travels the world lecturing to all different groups of people imparting his healing remedies.

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